Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Rare Find

Information on the Meteor is pretty much non existent so I was surprised when I stumbled across this advert in Popular Mechanics January 1977. The Meteor was also produced in the US by a company called Link Leisure, presumably under licence from Almarine. They featured a sleeker windshield but were otherwise identical. The information on the engine power is incorrect as I have the Rotax manual for the engine which states 45hp max. The length stated includes the waterjet.


  1. The Meteor is one of the legendary boats of all time. There was also a meteor classic boat released in 1958 called the Lone Star Meteor. It has an edgy design which I like a lot.

    Mark Brown

  2. Thanks for the comment. Its certainly a unique boat, being just 10.5ft long and having an inboard engine and jet propulsion.. and back in the 70s!