Monday, 25 January 2010

Dashboard - Fitting an extra Volts gauge

The standard boat only had a water temp gauge to keep an eye on the engine temps. Because I had fitted a total loss ignition system (i.e. a system that pulls power directly from the battery, rather than the ignition systems own charging system, as was the case for the original engine) I wanted to fit an extra gauge to measure the voltage of the battery.

The new gauges are manufactured by STACK. The temp gauge came with all the fittings for the sensor to mount to the engine. The quality of the gauges and senders etc was very impressive.

I had originally fitted a SPA digital water/volts dual gauge (both read outs in one gauge) but the EM pulses given off by the ignition system interfered with the digital gauge wiring and stopped it from working. The new mechanical temp gauge has the benefit of not needing a power supply and having a very fast response time. I haven't wired the backlighting into the gauges yet, a job for another day (fiddling around behind the dash is tricky).

Drilling a new hole for the water temp gauge

STACK Battery Volts and Water Temp Gauges in place

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