Thursday, 14 January 2010


Welcome to my record of the restoration of my Almarine Meteor Jetboat.

I bought the boat around about 2001 from an enthusiastic friend. The hull and deck were in very good condition, which for me was the main worry over as i'm not a big fan of fibreglass repair. The engine ran but would only start when the sun, moon, and mars were exactly aligned, the problem being an aftermarket points ignition system which had been fitted by the previous owner, and a poorly carburettor. I wonder what happened to the nice original CDI ignition as these were known to produce a good strong spark.

The jet unit (aka waterjet/jet pump) which propels the boat was in a bad way upon inspection. The unit had sucked up a stone which had ground away the trailing edge of the stator vanes used to straighten the flow of water between the two impellers. Nothing that couldn't be repaired though.

Much of the electrical wiring was missing, and the fuel lines, cables, etc were in need of replacement. The trailer was in a bad state, basically rust and welds, so I welded on a new axle bar with the intention of buying a new trailer once the boat had been restored.

Due to only just catching onto the whole blog thing, the majority of the progress on the boat has been unrecorded so i will post up a record of the work to date, before continuing the updates as they happen.


  1. I have driven one of these in the UK back in the 70's mad fast very cool boat

  2. Searching high and low for Meteor 1977 Bombardier Muffler and tailpipe. If you can point to me to any manufacturer or vendor where I can purchase..greatly appreciate it. email: